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Which is Best ? Ground or Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tents vs Ground Tents

When deciding to go on an adventure, there are various aspects to consider. Aspects such as what to pack, where to go, what to do on your adventure, etc. Another major aspect which many of our clients face is whether to choose roof top tents or ground tents to sleep in on their adventure. A decision of this nature could make or break your adventure. Before deciding, it is always wise to weigh your options and also do simple research on the campsites you will be visiting. The weather or ground of the campsite can play a major role in deciding which is best.

Advantages and disadvantages of both roof top tents and ground tents should be evaluated when making a decision. Some of these advantages and disadvantages of both include:

Roof top tents

Advantages Disadvantages
Easiest way to sleep off ground You need to close the tent when using your vehicle
Helpful when ground/campsite is uneven, overgrown or water-logged or soil is too soft Roof top tents only cater for two people. Three or more people will not fit into one roof top tent
Keeps you away from wild animals Roof racks and tents on the roof of your vehicle increases your vehicle fuel consumption
Can withstand wind speeds It could be uneasy to get up and down the stepladder, especially in the dark
It is quick and easy to set up It is not as safe as you could trip and fall
Roof top tents for Toyota Hilux 4x4 - South Africa 4x4 Rentals
Roof top tents for Toyota Hilux 4×4 – South Africa 4×4 Rentals











Ground Tents

Advantages Disadvantages
Safe in a tent that is properly zipped up Ground tents are time consuming to set up
Your tent can stay behind at your campsite should you wish to go somewhere. You do not have to set up every night. It is not ideal if you tour and move camp regularly
Big ground tents are comfortable Ground tents are difficult to set up when campgrounds are uneven, water-logged or overgrown or too soft.
Ground tents come in variety of sizes for larger groups  
Ground tents are safe and easy to walk out of  
SA 4x4 Ground Tent - Which is the best ?
SA 4×4 Ground Tent – Which is the best ?









With South Africa 4×4 Rentals knowledge and experience, we always suggest that our clients use roof top tents, because it is safe and easy to use. The decision, however, remains theirs and they are responsible for their choices.

You decided that you do not want to stay in a ground tent or roof top tent and you would rather want to stay in a bungalow, hut or luxury lodge etc.? You can contact South Africa 4×4 Accommodation to assist with your bookings.