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4 Top Photography Tips for Your Namibia 4 x 4 Tour

4 Top Photography Tips For Your Namibia Self Drive Tour

If you’re heading off on a tour of Namibia, it’s likely you’re going to see some incredible sights that you’ll simply have to capture with a camera. From breath-taking wildlife to awe-inspiring scenery, the country is full of fantastic photo opportunities that you’ll be able to fondly look back on. But in order to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments, you’ll need to make sure you’re at the top of your photography game.
Carel Pienaar, respected 4×4 tour expert, says, “It’s great having a batch of beautiful photographs to look back on and remember your time in Namibia – and those who are well-prepared will return home with the best photographs. Read our tips to ensure you’re ready for the challenge of capturing Namibia in all its raw beauty!”
Here are four top tips to help ensure your photography is on top form for your Namibia 4×4 tour.

Choose your equipment carefully

You don’t actually need a bag packed with expensive equipment to take a great picture. Smartphones are great for snapping off-the-cuff photos of you and those accompanying you on the tour, but for some truly great shots, make sure you pack a camera. A standard single lens DSLR camera with a telephoto lens would be enough to see you through your Namibia self-drive tour. You should also bring a tripod, a highly secure carry case, and plenty of memory cards – you don’t want to run out halfway through your trip!


Focus on composition

When you come across a beautiful vista, an unusual animal or simply a great photo opportunity, it can be tempting to simply whip out the camera and snap the image immediately. But if you pay a little attention to the composition of your images, you could end up with a truly stunning set of photos to remember your Namibia 4×4 hire tour with. Remember the ‘rule of thirds’ – the main subject of your photo will look better if it takes up one third of the image. If you’re photographing an animal, try to ensure you capture it slightly off-centre, facing inwards if you can.

Timing is everything

In Namibia, there’s a period of time known as the ‘Golden Hour’, during which you’d surely be able to capture some stunning images. The ‘Golden Hour’ takes place forty-five minutes after the sun rises, and forty-five minutes before it sets. The light during this time period can illuminate your subjects perfectly and add a special something to your images. Obviously, you won’t be able to capture all of your photos within this time frame, but it’s worth making a special effort to snap at least a few dozen images during the ‘Golden Hour’.

Turn on stabilisation

Many of the trails on the 4×4 tours in Namibia are fairly rocky and uneven, which could result in blurry photos if you’re not careful. Make sure that your camera has a stabilisation mode, to reduce the impact of sudden bumps and keep your images crystal-clear. If you’ve already purchased your camera and can’t find an image stabilisation tool, don’t worry – it’s also known as steady shot or vibration reduction, so if you can see any of these features, you’ll be able to enjoy wonderfully clear, blur-free pictures from your self-drive tour of Namibia.
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