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Unacceptable Rental Clients South Africa 4 x 4 Rental

South Africa 4×4 Rental has assisted over 2000 clients over the past 4 years with 4×4 rentals all over Africa. Up to date I have kept quiet about clients that abuses our vehicles. Damages our 4×4 vehicles ( I am not talking about a fender bender and a crack in the windscreen ) I am talking about major damages and then pretends that nothing is wrong or even worse make false claims for refunds. The best is how they try and black mail me into paying by threatening to go and write bad reviews on social media or Trip Advisor.Our contracts are clear on what we will do and we will not. It is very simple. We adjust our product at South Africa 4×4 rental to keep up and mostly ahead of the market on a yearly basis and we will continue to do so.

Going Forward

Up till today. NO MORE.

I am going to make full posts with photos where available from today about these clients. It so sad that it is always 2% of your clients that spoils the fun everyone is having. I am going to focus to keep the 98% happy, keep myself sane and happy. Need to take out the 2% that is negative, devoid of truth and in my opinion has no place on a 4×4 adventure and surely I do not want back as a client. I feel pitty when they come back in the future and will rent with another 4×4 company.


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