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Land Rover 4 x 4 Roll Over – Edwin van Wijngaarden

Roll Over of Land Rover – Edwin van Wijngaarden

I do find it amazing how clients can rent a 4×4 vehicle, have a good holiday, then proceed to write off the vehicle and on their return home ( Amsterdam, Netherlands ) run to their bank and reverse all payments made. The reason why Edwin van Wijngaarden and  Joke Poen features on this blog is that they have not paid for their rental. Did not pay the insurance excess after the roll over in the Mgadigadi Pans. PS – Big thank to the guys in the Jeep that assisted and towed them to Nata Lodge. Did not co-operate in the insurance claim and by not handing in the required documents which resulted in South Africa 4×4 absorbing a cost of R 415 000 to tow in and replace the Land Rover 110 Defender.

Thank you Edwin van Wijngaarden and Joke Poen ( what an appropriate name ). I have opened a case with the South Africa Police Services for Fraud, Theft and Damage to Property. SAPS is in the process of handing this matter to Interpol who will take up the matter in Amsterdam.


Edwin van Wijngaarden
Edwin van Wijngaarden with the rolled over Land Rover
Roll over. No payment of rental, insurance and vehicle damage. Edwin van Wijngaarden and Joke Poen.










I am sorry. Unacceptable !!