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Erwan le Doze

Erwan le Doze

Erwan le Doze rented a Land Rover Defender from us in 2015 ( old cows being dragged around her…lol ). The Defender became unavailable due to an accident it was involved with a couple of days before his rental was about to start ( see comment at the bottom about accidents ). According to our rental contracts ( will be great if clients read it and guide themselves accordingly and not by emotional outbursts ) at this stage I can step out of the contract and have no further dealings with the client. I am also human and realised that the client would be better off with my assistance than being left to his own devises. Usually being kind and trying to do the right thing and being legally correct does not match.

Facts :

  1. I provided the le Doze family with accommodation in Johannesburg. Free of charge.
  2. I offered Erwan le Doze an alternative equipped 4×4 ( Land Cruiser ). This vehicle was available immediately. The Land Cruiser also costs me considerable more than what Erwan would have paid me for the rental of the Land Rover. But I was willing to make this arrangement in order to get their adventure on the road. Erwan le Doze DECLINED this offer and went ahead to make his own arrangements.
  3. There was no reason for Erwan to miss out on his adventure.
  4. The refund of the deposit was never an issue and was offered from the beginning. Erwan le Doze kept changing the amount he was claiming from me as then he only wanted to have the deposit, then he wanted me to pay for his trip, then additional fees for inconvenience caused. Anyone involved with a refund or payment surely get the final details ready first and then make the payment. Before Erwan could decide what he wanted he went on http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum and made a posting about his bad experience and how I did not want to refund him. Not true !
  5. I must say that I found the comments made by other members of the 4×4 community rather strange. Not one of them contacted me to find out what the facts were. All had immediate offers of sympathy on the original posting and a few even tried to add on their own little story (see previous post about Self Drive Africa Rentals). None of the astute 4×4 members actually offered any assistance to solve the matter. Net soos ‘n klomp kwetter voĆ«ls in ‘n boom.

Extract Of Apology :

Edwan le Doze Apology

PS – Thanks to Hannes Grobler who is a legal practitioner who became aware of this matter and then assisted in drafting an agreement to solve this matter. Effort and work is appreciated !