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Self Drive Africa Rentals

Today I address a matter with Self Drive Africa Rental.

My mission continues to put out the correct facts. I have found over the past 2 years that some clients and companies I work with only refers to the side of the agreement that benefits them and then they get very offended and makes all sorts of threats, if I try and enforce my side of the agreement. I am slowly addressing each and every negative comment posted about South Africa 4×4 Rentals on the internet. Where I messed up I will gladly admit it and sort it out with the individual. But random untruths posted on the Internet stops now !

Self Drive Africa Rentals

For this post I refer to a Toyota Hilux 4×4 I have rented in from Self Drive Africa Rentals in Johannesburg. I rented this vehicle for a client of mine as we had another client of mine that had an accident with my 4×4. Point is, I did the right thing in assisting my client and made arrangements for a replacement vehicle for him.

The vehicle had a major breakdown in Harare in Zimbabwe ( the complete front end of the bumper and all the lights fell off due to metal fatigue ) and it could not be driven back to South Africa. I had to return to Zimbabwe a month later to fetch the 4×4. These costs I deducted from the rental payment that was to be made to Self Drive Africa Rental. I had a meeting with the owners Laura Gale and Dave Gale and these costs which I carried were discussed and an agreement was made. To my surprise Dave Gale goes forward and makes a negative posting on http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/ about how we do not want to pay him or Self Drive Africa Rentals. Dave, what part of the meeting did you fall a sleep ?

The Facts

Dave and Laura, lets look at the facts.

  1. We met before hand and discussed that these costs would not be paid.
  2. From Self Drive Africa Rental there was no assistance offered to cover the costs or recover the vehicle. My own funds and initiative sorted the matter to return the vehicle back to you in Johannesburg.
  3. You were paid in full for the rentals.
  4. If you really had a valid claim you would have taken some sort of legal route. You did not have a claim and you thought best just to get a stab at me because you felt like it. Sad ! If you want to sort this out. Pick up the phone and sort it out. Do not be backwards and go and post rubbish on the internet.

Unfortunately I will not be bullied into paying people what is not due to them.

Self Drive Africa Rental – Photos of the matter

Self Drive Africa Rental - Vehicle Damage in Harare.
Self Drive Africa Rental – Vehicle Damage in Harare.


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