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General Safety and Precaution When Traveling in Africa

General Safety and Precaution when traveling in Africa!

One of the most important factors of traveling in Africa, is knowing and keeping in mind some general and safety precautions. An unfortunate incident can really spoil your long-awaited holiday. Therefore, you need to consider a few general points on safety and precaution.

Rule number 1:

Rule number one for traveling anywhere in Africa, is to be as informed as possible. Before your trip, read up as much as possible about the areas which you will be visiting. There are various overland forums on the internet where you can ask experienced travellers just about anything that you need to know.
You would also be wise to make sure that you have good basic understanding of your vehicle and the equipment which you will be using on your trip. South Africa 4×4 offers clients all this information during the handover of your rented 4×4 vehicle. If you are planning a trip to remote areas, it is a good idea to do a bush mechanic course, or at least watch some video clips on how to fix some basic mechanical problems. You can go onto our website and click on the youtube link for such videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/southafrica4x4
Make sure that your travel partner can also drive your vehicle, in case something happens to you. Familiarise him/her with the basics of the vehicle, like where to open the bonnet, how to change a tyre, etc. Make sure to carry important information like emergency contact numbers in case of an emergency.
South Africa 4x4 Rentals - Safety & Precaution in Africa
South Africa 4×4 Rentals – Safety & Precaution in Africa

Always keep with you

Carry your passport with you at all times, as well as copies of all your documents. Do not leave it in your tent or wherever you stay.

Travelling Remote Areas

When you travel remote areas, a satellite phone is a must. We provide this with the rental of your 4×4 vehicle at no extra rental fee. Clients are only responsible for the units of talk time.
Apart from extra fuel, it is vital that you take enough extra water and dry food rations, and a few packets of rehydration solution so that you will be able to survive five extra days in emergency situations. If you really need to, you can ration yourself to 2 litres of water per person per day, but remember to take that on top of your normal daily water ration. Under normal circumstances, you could work on 6 litres of water per person per day for drinking, cooking and dishes. Ideally, you should always travel with at least 40 litres of water with you.
Make sure that you have appropriate medical and vehicle insurance before you leave, and that your vehicle includes vehicle recovery. We offer 3 types of insurance options. Standard insurance, CDW1 and CDW2. You can also add tyre and windscreen insurance to any of these insurance options. Click on the following link for more info. https://southafrica4x4.co.za/insurance-support-security/
We also have 24-hour vehicle recovery services. Check our website for more information on this.
Taking Photographs
Remember common decency. You should respect people’s privacy; therefore it is always best to first ask before taking photographs of them. Specific groups are especially sensitive to tourists taking photographs of them. It is uncommon to be expected to pay a fee for each photo you take of someone or his possessions.
In Africa, you should rather not take photographs of official buildings like airports or official residences. Road blocks, guard posts and people in uniform are a definite no. You do not want to clash with anybody who is in a position of power.
South Africa 4x4 Rentals - Safety & Precaution in Africa Photos
South Africa 4×4 Rentals – Safety & Precaution in Africa Photos