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South Africa 4x4 - Rental of Land Rover 110 Defenders & Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4s. Equipped, insured, unlimitted kilomtres. Anywhere in Africa!

South Africa 4 x 4 Rental Reservation Process

South Africa 4 x 4 has improved it’s rental reservation process in order to provide a faster service to our clients. In the past the process was handled my me only. With the increase in the size of the fleet this cannot be done by one person anymore and the following was implemented to assist you. At the bottom of this blog post I have added our new emails which you are welcome to use as needed.

The South Africa 4×4 Rental – Rental Reservation Process

Step 1

Search the internet and see what is available. Decide on which vehicle is best suited for your adventure. See my post about the different vehicle options – https://southafrica4x4.co.za/our-vehicles/

Step 2

Send a request and any questions you have. You will receive a response within 24 hours ( we do slow down a bit over the weekend with admin and quotes ). Compare and decide which vehicle will work for you.

Step 3

Complete the pre rental admin. We want to do as little as possible admin on the day of your arrival. Then you are ready for your adventure.

Step 4

2 weeks before the start of your rental we send you an email to follow up and confirm final arrangements. Flights, where we meet and what will happen on the day of your arrival.


Need to contact any of us ?

Please use the following email addresses :

Speak to me Carel Pienaar – info@southafrica4x4.co.za

You are welcome to speak to me via Skype. Please set up a time and date and we can discuss you adventure in detail!

Alternative Contacts :


Written by : Carel Pienaar