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Enough is Enough. Abuse of our 4 x 4 Vehicles

Abuse of 4×4 Vehicles

Not for sensitive viewers…

Linking with my previous blog I attach this week’s two roll overs and some of my comments below :

Toyota Hilux Roll Over
Toyota Hilux Roll Over








South Africa 4x4 - Land Rover Roll Over Namibia
South Africa 4×4 – Land Rover Roll Over Namibia








  1. Every single accident caused by client’s there were no other vehicles involved. It was only the driver error to blame and nothing else.
  2. Every single client asked within 5 minutes when can they expect their replacement 4×4……. hahaha… you have to be crazy to expect me to give you another 4×4 to go an fuck up. Really ??
  3. Every accident client we had to fight to get our excess money out of the person. You must hear the excuses.


Well no more. See previous Blog Postings. Enough is Enough.

Carel Pienaar