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South Africa 4 x 4 Legal

South Africa 4×4 Legal  

6 Years ago, just as we started out with South Africa 4×4 full time we quickly ran into clever clients. Clients that abused our vehicles, rolled them over, caused accidents, wrote off vehicles and caused major damage to our vehicles. I must admit that these clients frustrated me tremendously. This is not what I signed up for when I started the 4×4 rental business. This was suppose to be a fun, sharing of a 4×4 passion and a way of exploring the continent with fellow travellers. What a rude awaking it was !

I can deal with the accidents, but an interesting fact is that not one of the accidents / roll overs were caused by a 3rd party. All of them were caused by the client, all on their own, with no assistance.

You can imagine the major impact on our business. Some clients that had to be cancelled ( and everyone has something to say about this on TripAdvisor and other platforms ), lost growth, stress and plenty more !

A few comments around this matter :

  1. The court case proves that my rental contract is enforceable in South Africa and outside of South Africa.
  2. The court has awarded me an order to attach the property of this client to repay the full cost of the Land Rover that was written off.
  3. Other clients ( there are 22 of them ) that thought they could jump on a plane and run away from their responsibilities, are in for a shock. I am coming for you.

The legal process turns slowly. After almost 4 years I won my first court case against a client in the District Court of New York. Now it is time for the other 22.

As always I share everything that is going on with South Africa 4×4.

Some people do not like my honesty, but at least you know what you get and what not !

Time to level the playing field. If you you want to come to southern Africa to fuck up my vehicles, you can go and rent from someone else. Go to Bushlore. They might appreciate your detailed taking care of a 4×4.

Carel Pienaar