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South Africa 4 x 4 Change of Address

South Africa 4 x 4 Change of Address


For over 2 years, South Africa 4×4 Rentals have been operating from the premises at 62 Radio Street, Alberton North, Johannesburg. This is the address where we met and assisted many of our very satisfied customers, made lots of memories and met wonderful people.

South Africa 4x4 Rentals - 62 Radio Street
South Africa 4×4 Rentals – 62 Radio Street


Time for Change


Although we absolutely loved operating from 62 Radio Street, we felt that it was time for change. We have since moved from the above-mentioned address to our new premises not far from the old one for various reasons, some of which includes:

  • Space – Bigger premises
  • Privacy – More privacy on the premises
  • Comfort – We get to make it our own
  • Safety – Full control over who enters the premises

Change was brought forth to benefit both the company as well as our clients.


New Premises


As form the 1st of December 2018, we have been operating from 1 Jacoba & Prinsloo street, Alberton North, Johannesburg. We have since assisted many of our clients at our new premises, some of which were return clients and they loved our new premises more than the old one. Some feel that the new premises brings forth a sense of nature and fits perfectly with the idea of an adventure. With our slogan being “Your Adventure Starts Here”, it only makes sense that our clients feel that way upon collection of their rented 4×4 vehicle.

South Africa 4x4 Rentals - New Premises
South Africa 4×4 Rentals – New Premises

Contact us


Even with the new premises, it is still business as usual with a more personal touch. In order to contact us regarding your 4×4 adventure planning and rental of a 4×4 vehicle, visit our website @ southafrica4x4.co.za. You can either fill in a request a quote form or give us a call at +2782 441 0092. We can also arrange a skype call for a more personal one on one chat regarding your adventure.