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General Safety and Precaution When Traveling in Africa

General Safety and Precaution when traveling in Africa!

One of the most important factors of traveling in Africa, is knowing and keeping in mind some general and safety precautions. An unfortunate incident can really spoil your long-awaited holiday. Therefore, you need to consider a few general points on safety and precaution.

Rule number 1:

Rule number one for traveling anywhere in Africa, is to be as informed as possible. Before your trip, read up as much as possible about the areas which you will be visiting. There are various overland forums on the internet where you can ask experienced travellers just about anything that you need to know.
You would also be wise to make sure that you have good basic understanding of your vehicle and the equipment which you will be using on your trip. South Africa 4×4 offers clients all this information during the handover of your rented 4×4 vehicle. If you are planning a trip to remote areas, it is a good idea to do a bush mechanic course, or at least watch some video clips on how to fix some basic mechanical problems. You can go onto our website and click on the youtube link for such videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/southafrica4x4
Make sure that your travel partner can also drive your vehicle, in case something happens to you. Familiarise him/her with the basics of the vehicle, like where to open the bonnet, how to change a tyre, etc. Make sure to carry important information like emergency contact numbers in case of an emergency.
South Africa 4x4 Rentals - Safety & Precaution in Africa
South Africa 4×4 Rentals – Safety & Precaution in Africa

Always keep with you

Carry your passport with you at all times, as well as copies of all your documents. Do not leave it in your tent or wherever you stay.

Travelling Remote Areas

When you travel remote areas, a satellite phone is a must. We provide this with the rental of your 4×4 vehicle at no extra rental fee. Clients are only responsible for the units of talk time.
Apart from extra fuel, it is vital that you take enough extra water and dry food rations, and a few packets of rehydration solution so that you will be able to survive five extra days in emergency situations. If you really need to, you can ration yourself to 2 litres of water per person per day, but remember to take that on top of your normal daily water ration. Under normal circumstances, you could work on 6 litres of water per person per day for drinking, cooking and dishes. Ideally, you should always travel with at least 40 litres of water with you.
Make sure that you have appropriate medical and vehicle insurance before you leave, and that your vehicle includes vehicle recovery. We offer 3 types of insurance options. Standard insurance, CDW1 and CDW2. You can also add tyre and windscreen insurance to any of these insurance options. Click on the following link for more info. https://southafrica4x4.co.za/insurance-support-security/
We also have 24-hour vehicle recovery services. Check our website for more information on this.
Taking Photographs
Remember common decency. You should respect people’s privacy; therefore it is always best to first ask before taking photographs of them. Specific groups are especially sensitive to tourists taking photographs of them. It is uncommon to be expected to pay a fee for each photo you take of someone or his possessions.
In Africa, you should rather not take photographs of official buildings like airports or official residences. Road blocks, guard posts and people in uniform are a definite no. You do not want to clash with anybody who is in a position of power.
South Africa 4x4 Rentals - Safety & Precaution in Africa Photos
South Africa 4×4 Rentals – Safety & Precaution in Africa Photos

20 Day Namibia Self Drive Safari

South Africa 4×4 Accommodation specialises in Namibia and Botswana reservations. Namibia seems to be the all time favourite. Get your 4×4 vehicle from our Windhoek branch and take advantage of this amazing safari!
Tour can be amended as per request from lodging to camping. A variety of different activities are available for booking as well as meal plans.
Day 1: Windhoek to Waterberg
You start your adventure in Namibia with an easy drive on good tarred roads. Heading North from Windhoek, your first destination is a lodge in the Waterberg Plateau

Day 2-5: Etosha NP

The Etosha NP is the perfect destination to start off your camping experiences in Namibia. This NP not only offers amazing campsites, but also a variety of lodges to suit your every need. For these 4 days, you get to choose your accommodation between the following sites: Okaukuejo, Namutoni, Dolomite, Halali, etc. A variety of activities can also be added at each of the sites mentioned above.

SA 4x4 - 20 day Namibia self drive
SA 4×4 – 20 day Namibia self drive

Day 6&7: Ongula

About 60% of the country’s population live within this small section of Namibia, so you can expect to see lots of people, markets, cows, goats and lots of cuca shops (bars). The predominant cultural group in this area are the Owambo people which you can get into contact with.
Day 8&9: Kunene River Lodge
From Ongula, you will be heading to Ruacana. It is a busy border crossing between Angola and Namibia and here you will meet your first Himba people. They make beautiful jewellery and you can often purchase pieces from them. Kunene River Lodge is a simple camp on the banks of the Kunene River. It offers spectacular views and some exciting day trips, if you want a very special day you should consider joining the river rafting tour they offer- this includes some ‘not so serious’ white river rafting between amazing red rocks. An experience not to be missed!
South Africa 4x4 - 20 Day Namibia tour - Kunene River Lodge
South Africa 4×4 – 20 Day Namibia tour – Kunene River Lodge
Day 10: Epupa Falls
Epupa Falls is spectacular, so take time to visit the falls and perhaps enjoy a visit to a local himba village.
Day 11& 12: Palmwag


Palmwag is an Oasis which is frequently visited by desert elephant, rhino and other wildlife. You have a full day here and have the option to join one of the guided activities that takes you around the concession area in search of these animals
Day 13 & 14: Swakopmund


There are a range of activities to choose from in Swakopmund. Activities from sandboarding through quad biking to sky diving. These activities can be pre-booked or booked on arrival. Being a German inspired town, good food and beer is never hard to find.
Day 15 & 16: Sossusvlei


Leave Swakopmund and travel for about 300km to Sossusvlei. This will take you about 4-5 hours. You will likely reach your destination in the afternoon. Activities available are to be booked on request.
Day 17: Klein Aus Vista


This area is well known for its wild horses of the Namib. You will spend one night at Eagles Nest – Klein Aus Vista from where you can do a day trip to Luderitz or just spend the time exploring this beautiful area.
Day 18: Fish River Canyon


Your accommodation will be at the Canyon Lodge which offers guided hikes, horse riding and scenic drives around the area.
Day 19 & 20: Bagatelle


The Kalahari Desert is very different to the Namib, primarily because it receives more rainfall. You can expect to see fairly large herds of buck species browsing between the dunes. From here it is a fairly quick drive back to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.
Contact South Africa 4×4 Accommodation at myaccommodation@southafrica4x4.co.za for more information..


SA 4x4 - 20 Day Namibia Safari
SA 4×4 – 20 Day Namibia Safari

14 Day Cape Town to Windhoek Self Drive Trip

Cape Town to Windhoek Self-drive Itinerary 14 days
Want to go on a self-drive tour to Namibia without the extensive long drives daily? Our 4×4 rental branch in Cape Town now makes it possible for you. South Africa 4×4 Accommodation has put together an amazing 14 day itinerary from Cape Town to Namibia. Everything you need and more from one place. The itinerary can be amended to suit the needs of our clients.


Cape Town to Windhoek tour starts after a meet and greet and vehicle hand over at Cape Town International Airport at 8am. Make your way around the Mother city in your own 4×4 vehicle, visit Cape point Reserve, explore the HoutBay harbour and village. Visit Boulders beach for the African Penguin Colony and spoil yourself with a truly African cuisine at V&A Waterfront.  (Own expense)
INCLUSIVE:  Cape point entry fees.
ACCOMMODATION: Cape town Guesthouse, twin or double rooms with en-suite bathroom.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  Own travel distance in and around Cape Town (± 6- 8 hours)

South Africa 4x4 - Cape Town to Windhoek Self Drive
South Africa 4×4 – Cape Town to Windhoek Self Drive


Depart Cape Town heading towards Ceres. Make your way to the rugged wilderness that embraces the Cederberg ranges.   Explore truly beautiful landscapes with sandstone cliffs, deep valleys and tumbling slopes.  Afternoon hike exploring Wolfberg Arch, Stadsaal Caves and Bushman paintings. Routes are characterized by rocky terrain and should be tackled with suitable hiking shoes.
INCLUSIVE:  Cederberg entry fees and walking permit.
ACCOMMODATION: Campsites with power and good ablution facilities with hot showers
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  250km, ± 3½ hours’ drive.


On day 3 you will drive through the remote landscapes of Northern Cape Province on route to Namibia. Today you can relax on the banks of the Orange River, Noordoewer, Namibia. Popular attractions include rafting and canoeing, bird-watching and fishing. A 10-minute walk from the camp site takes you to some San petroglyphs (rock engravings). Park your 4×4 and camp tonight on lovely green lawns with plenty of shade and a wonderful view over the river and onto the spectacular Geelkrans Cliffs on the opposite bank. ( Canoe and rafting are optional activities)
ACCOMMODATION: Campsite with good ablution facilities and hot showers
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  560km, ± 6 hour drive (excluding sightseeing)
AVAILABLE:  Bar, Wood and Ice

South Africa 4x4 - Orange River - Cape Town to Windhoek
South Africa 4×4 – Orange River – Cape Town to Windhoek
Travel further north today heading for the Fishriver Canyon, second biggest Canyon in the world. Feel the magnitude of Earth-time in relation to the fleeting brush of human life on the canyon rim. Away from civilization, the canyon grandeur is yours alone. Set up your camp on the bank of the dry river bed under shady trees with a backdrop of rocky hills. In the silence, you may be able to hear the call of the canyon, 14 kilometers away.
INCLUSIVE:  Canyon entry fees.
ACCOMMODATION: Campsite with good ablution facilities and hot     showers.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  230km, ± 3 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)
Today you will enter the Namib desert, exlore the biggest dunes in the world and the remarkable depths of the Sesriem Canyon. Take time to visit the Naukluft National park which take up a large area of the Namib Desert.  Camp tonight on your own individual site  in a clean, tidy and well-kept environment. Cool down in the campsite pool after a long day exploring the vast desert surroundings.
INCLUSIVE:  Sesriem Canyon and Naukluft National Park entry fees
ACCOMMODATION: Separate paved campsite with its own toilet, basin, hot/cold shower, barbeque, kitchen wash-up facility and electricity.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  550km, ± 7 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)

Suddenly the desert scenery change as you reaches the coast of Namibia on your way to Swakopmund. Appreciate every moment while exploring the Swakopmund area. Pump the adrenaline with one of many activities, sand boarding, quad biking etc. Or take on a water activity with a kayak, dolphin safari, or if you brave enough to take on the Atlantic Ocean – go for a swim.  Enjoy the night time, listening to the waves, while sipping on your wine and indulge in the local restaurant cuisine. (Own expense)
INCLUSIVE:  Bed and Breakfast
ACCOMMODATION: Single/double One bed Chalet with en-suite bathrooms.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  350km, ± 5 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)
OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Sand boarding, quidbiking, water activities and desert tours.

South Africa 4x4 - Swakopmund - Cape Town to Windhoek tour
South Africa 4×4 – Swakopmund – Cape Town to Windhoek tour



Depart Swakopmund early morning heading for Cape Cross en route to Spitzkoppe. Enjoy the sightings of the Skeleton Coast and visit the Cape fur seal colonies at Cape Cross. Head for the granite koppies, well know in Namibia as Spitzkoppe. The Spitzkoppe (“Matterhorn of Namibia”) is nearly 700 million years old. Here you can expect to see the diverse and breath-taking landscapes of bald granite peaks. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains.  The unique oversized boulders and secret caves, allows the visitor to camp in complete peace and tranquility.
INCLUSIVE:  Skeleton coast and Cape fur Seal colony entry fees.
ACCOMMODATION: Campsite with dry toilets and hot showers.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  300km, ± 4 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)


On Day 10 you will continue your journey through Damaraland to the tallest mountain in Namibia – Brandberg Mountain. The Ugab River Valley with its old trees and green bushes is home to a great variety of game, birds, fascinating reptiles and insects. The stone-age rock paintings of the San Bushmen give evidence of the presence of the famous desert elephants in the area many thousand years ago. Experience these magnificent giants on one of our guided Elephant drives. A close encounter you will never forget.
INCLUSIVE:  Elephant drive.
ACCOMMODATION: Large campsite in the vicinity of the Ugab river, own braai and water tap.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  130km, ± 2 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)

South Africa 4x4 - Brandberg Mountain - Cape Town to Windhoek
South Africa 4×4 – Brandberg Mountain – Cape Town to Windhoek

Leave the mountain and head for the animal kingdom at Etosha National park. Etosha Park is known for its remarkable wildlife sightings and unique scenery. Etosha NP is home to diverse wildlife, including over 110 species of mammals. Enjoy the viewpoints at waterholes and beautiful scenery. Tonight you will camp at Okaukuejo campsite or similar campsite in Etosha National park.
INCLUSIVE:  Etosha National park fees, 1x Morning game drive and 1x Afternoon game drive.
ACCOMMODATION: Campsite with good ablution and hot showers. Pool, bar and restaurant .
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  330km, ± 4 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)
OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Night drive with a guide.



Heading south from Etosha towards Windhoek. Stop at Waterberg National parklWaterberg is a massive table mountain east of Otjiwarongo in the northern reaches of central Namibia. It is about 50 km long, up to 16 km wide and rises to a height of up to 200 meters. You can experience this wonderful mountain scenery up and close, with or without guide, on well-demarcated hiking trails.
INCLUSIVE:  Entry fee and Guided walking hike.
ACCOMMODATION: Campsite with good ablution, hot showers. Pool.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  280km, ± 3 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)


Your Cape Town to Windhoek self-drive tour will end in Windhoek. Explore Windhoek city and enjoy the last day of this amazing experience.  Take this day to relax before heading home. You will hand the vehicle back at around 3pm at the Guesthouse.  A friendly driver will do the Airport Transfer the next day. Tell us all about your wonderful trip!!
INCLUSIVE:  Bed and Breakfast.
ACCOMMODATION: Windhoek Guesthouse, twin or double rooms with en-suite bathroom.
TRAVEL DISTANCE:  280km, ± 3 hours drive (excluding sightseeing)
Contact South Africa 4×4 Rentals http://southafrica4x4.co.za/ for your 4×4 rental in Cape Town or Namibia. Interested in the itinerary above? Contact South Africa 4×4 Accommodation http://sa4x4accommodation.co.za/ for your tailer made itinerary from Cape Town to Windhoek or vise versa.

4 Top Photography Tips for Your Namibia 4 x 4 Tour

4 Top Photography Tips For Your Namibia Self Drive Tour

If you’re heading off on a tour of Namibia, it’s likely you’re going to see some incredible sights that you’ll simply have to capture with a camera. From breath-taking wildlife to awe-inspiring scenery, the country is full of fantastic photo opportunities that you’ll be able to fondly look back on. But in order to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments, you’ll need to make sure you’re at the top of your photography game.
Carel Pienaar, respected 4×4 tour expert, says, “It’s great having a batch of beautiful photographs to look back on and remember your time in Namibia – and those who are well-prepared will return home with the best photographs. Read our tips to ensure you’re ready for the challenge of capturing Namibia in all its raw beauty!”
Here are four top tips to help ensure your photography is on top form for your Namibia 4×4 tour.

Choose your equipment carefully

You don’t actually need a bag packed with expensive equipment to take a great picture. Smartphones are great for snapping off-the-cuff photos of you and those accompanying you on the tour, but for some truly great shots, make sure you pack a camera. A standard single lens DSLR camera with a telephoto lens would be enough to see you through your Namibia self-drive tour. You should also bring a tripod, a highly secure carry case, and plenty of memory cards – you don’t want to run out halfway through your trip!


Focus on composition

When you come across a beautiful vista, an unusual animal or simply a great photo opportunity, it can be tempting to simply whip out the camera and snap the image immediately. But if you pay a little attention to the composition of your images, you could end up with a truly stunning set of photos to remember your Namibia 4×4 hire tour with. Remember the ‘rule of thirds’ – the main subject of your photo will look better if it takes up one third of the image. If you’re photographing an animal, try to ensure you capture it slightly off-centre, facing inwards if you can.

Timing is everything

In Namibia, there’s a period of time known as the ‘Golden Hour’, during which you’d surely be able to capture some stunning images. The ‘Golden Hour’ takes place forty-five minutes after the sun rises, and forty-five minutes before it sets. The light during this time period can illuminate your subjects perfectly and add a special something to your images. Obviously, you won’t be able to capture all of your photos within this time frame, but it’s worth making a special effort to snap at least a few dozen images during the ‘Golden Hour’.

Turn on stabilisation

Many of the trails on the 4×4 tours in Namibia are fairly rocky and uneven, which could result in blurry photos if you’re not careful. Make sure that your camera has a stabilisation mode, to reduce the impact of sudden bumps and keep your images crystal-clear. If you’ve already purchased your camera and can’t find an image stabilisation tool, don’t worry – it’s also known as steady shot or vibration reduction, so if you can see any of these features, you’ll be able to enjoy wonderfully clear, blur-free pictures from your self-drive tour of Namibia.
Contact South Africa 4×4 Rentals for your 4×4 rental in order to explore Namibia as well as South Africa 4×4 Accommodation for accommodation assistance for your Namibia stay.