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How Much Bang For My Buck

How much Bang for my Buck?


When traveling it is important to do a lot of research on the various different types of currency that you will encounter on your travels through this beautiful and vibrant continent. In this article I hope to give you a helping hand to anyone who is considering a trip to one or more of the Southern African countries. This article explains the currencies of South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia.

South Africa: South Africa trades in the South African Rand (or ZAR) and while the rand is not nearly the weakest currency of South Africa it is also not the strongest. The ZAR is currently trading at 14.33 to the U.S. DOL and 15.97 to the EURO.

Mozambique:  Mozambique trades in the Metical or (MZN), one of the weaker currencies. It is currently trading at 58.74 to the U.S. DOL and 66.76 to the EURO.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe used to trade in the Zimbabwean dollar but since 2009 when the Zimbabwean dollar was demoted to junk status and became worth less than the paper that was used to print it the beautiful country of Zimbabwe has used the U.S. dollar as its official currency of trade.

Zambia: Zambia trades in the Kwacha (otherwise known as the ZMW). The Kwacha is a stronger currency than many in Southern Africa and is currently trading at 10.52 to the U.S. Dollar and 11.96 to the euro.

Namibia: Namibia, like Zimbabwe, has an interesting trading situation , however, in this case, the country of Namibia trades in two separate currencies: the South African Rand (see above) and the Namibian dollar which is currently trading at 17.15 to the EURO and 15.09 to the U.S. dollar.

It is important to mention that most of the African countries will accept the U.S. Dollar and the dollar can therefore be useful in a pinch but it is not recommended as it can be refused as payment for goods and services.

As always if you need any more information about any of the currencies mentioned in the article above please feel free to contact South Africa 4×4 accommodation or South Africa 4×4 Rentals. Or you could get in contact with a foreign exchange agency in your own country.

In the event of you being in an African country and not having access to the local currency. Contact either the embassy or one of the banks in the country that you are visiting. Banks will generally accept notes of any currency.South Africa 4x4 ZAR..

Things To Do Before Going On Holiday

Things to do before going on holiday

Getting ready to go on holiday can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are going overseas. There are many things that you need to do and arrange before you can leave your home and get to all that rest, relaxation and adventure. Never fear, with this to do list in your back pocket; the stress of preparing for a holiday will just melt away.

1)    Make sure that all your medical requirements are up to date: If you have read any of my previous articles you should be quite familiar with this tip. It is important, especially when traveling to Africa, to consult a doctor about what preventative measures you need to take. Malaria is a serious threat, with the mosquito being the animal that causes the most deaths in Africa. Along with this it is always important to organise your travel insurance well before you leave. Travel insurance is a must have if you are planning to leave your home country.

2)    Make sure that you have all your travel documentation packed and in order. Travel documentation, while a small part of your holiday, is able to make or break your travel experience. These small pieces of paper are well needed and vitally important to remember. Always keep the originals with you as well as a copy. This will aid in you moving freely between the countries.

3)    Make sure you know where your country’s embassy is. The embassy to your country is your best link to home when you are traveling abroad, here at South Africa 4×4 Accommodation we encourage you to look up your home embassy and have some idea of the general area in which it is.

4)    Take Care of “Stop” Orders and Advance Payments: Once your trip is booked, make sure that the world does not fall apart while you are away. The best way to do this is through stop orders and advanced payments. If you want particular services to continue (such as housekeeping), consider paying in advance if this is not your usual arrangement. Many service providers will be happy to accept advanced payment for services. As many stop orders require one or two business days’ advance notice, make sure you take care of this at least three days before you travel.

5)    Arrange for pet or house sitting as needed: In today’s society it is common for people to have pets that need tending when their loving owners are away on holiday.  It is important to keep a few things in mind when arranging for pet sitting, such as any occasion that might be the cause for fire works and how your pets react to these things.

6)    Leave a copy of any important travel documents with someone you trust: while it is important to have all your documentation with you people often underestimate the value of having a third party who has access to these important documents. This can make your life a whole lot easier in the cases of lost or stolen documentation. Always remember that a stress free trip is a happy trip. It never hurts to have a back-up plan in place.

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